• 1Dignity in Adversity. Human Rights in Troubled Times , Seyla Benhabib
    The language of human rights has become the public vocabulary of our contemporary world. Ironically, as the political influence of human rights has grown, their philosophical justification has become… 5459.42 руб электронная книга

  • 2Productive Workplaces. Dignity, Meaning, and Community in the 21st Century , Marvin Weisbord R.
    Strategy and Business 2012 Organizational Culture Book of the Year This third edition of the classic resource, Productive Workplaces is smart, well-written and well-researched, thoughtful, somewhat… 5853.56 руб электронная книга

  • 3The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
    From a young age Albie Sachs played a prominent part in the struggle for justice in South Africa. As a result he was detained in solitary confinement, tortured by sleep deprivation and eventually… 2014 руб

  • 4Inside Concentration Camps. Social Life at the Extremes , Maja Suderland
    Terror was central to the Nazi regime, and the Nazi concentration camps were places of horror where prisoners were dehumanized and robbed of their dignity and where millions were murdered. How did… 6239.89 руб электронная книга

  • 5Recognition , Cillian McBride
    A tension between the desire to be respected as an equal and the desire to distinguish oneself as a unique person lies at the heart of the modern social order. Everyone cares about recognition: no… 4678.94 руб электронная книга

  • 6The Odd Women , George Gissing (1934)
    Though Miss Barfoot had something less than a woman's average stature, the note of her presence was personal dignity. She was handsome, and her carriage occasionally betrayed a consciousness of the… 1318 руб

  • 7Stieg and Me , Gabrielsson Eva (2011)
    There is only one person who can tell Stieg Larsson's story other than himself - his lifelong companion and muse, Eva Gabrielsson. Here she tells the story of their 30-year romance, of Stieg's… 1217 руб

  • 8Refusal , Aaron Soazig (2008)
    This moving and profoundly truthful story is told in the form of diary, kept by Angelika, the sister-in-law and friend of Klara, who, after her release from Auschwitz, wandered through war-ravaged… 710 руб

  • 9Shelter Dogs , Scott Traer (2006)
    Photographer Traer Scott's endearing portraits of dogs living in American shelters are irresistible and heart-rending - and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere. The portraits reveal the… 303 руб

  • 10Teach Yourself Manage Your IT for Profit , Scott Traer (2011)
    Photographer Traer Scotts portraits of dogs living in American shelters are endearing and heartrending, and make a passionate appeal to dog lovers everywhere. Some of the dogs subsequently found good… 303 руб